Inside the Grey


Two men, Brayden and Kawley, desperately tracking Northern Raiders who've abducted a best friend and a beloved brother, must work together to rescue their loved ones. Shocked to discover the young man he takes under his wing is actually a young woman, Brayden keeps Kawley’s secret from his oldest friend, causing tension as the three track the raiders. Kawley, who is also hiding from her brutal fiancé who is trying to hunt her down, is determined not to let her guard down as Brayden continues to put his life on the line for her. Through many dangerous situations the bond between Brayden and Kawley grows stronger, but will it be able to hold up against Kawley's nemesis and the constant threat of capture and death? Their mission, filled with surprises and danger, threatens old friendships and opens their hearts to love.

"Inside the Grey" is a daunting race against time! An adventure raging with threats to a love built from slow burning desires. Readers will find characters complex, amusing, and brave. The typical brooding hero questing for redemption and the feisty heroine determined to save the last of her family are combined with an audacious plot filled with thrilling action, undeniable chemistry, and the chilling specter of slavery. Chasing the enemy, questioning loyalties, and fighting grief while tasting passion, Brayden and Kawley risk it all in the name of love, taking readers along on a thrilling journey. Readers will hurtle back in time, hanging on with baited breath as Ms. Groover's tale is told with vivid depictions of guilt, grief, and the bonds of family, friendship, freedom, and love.

Tonya Mathenia