The Innocent Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 3)


Joshua Lang is the Sheriff of Little Creede. It is a boomtown, and with that comes more people and more trouble. Criminals are not the only thing causing Joshua trouble — there is also the irresistible Vivien, the younger sister of his two best friends. Even though he is attracted to her, she is off limits.  Vivien is a schoolteacher who cares for a young boy named Nate, and considers him as a son. However, Nate’s real mom comes back. She is up to no good and looking for Nate. When Vivien stands her ground, bad things start happening to Vivien. It is up to Joshua to keep her safe, but can he resist temptation as well? 

This novel is filled with lust, danger, and love, which is pretty much the definition of the Wild West. The detail in this story will make readers feel as if they are walking around this boomtown. Joshua and Vivien are delightful and have wonderful chemistry! Their bond with Nate is utterly heartwarming. However, most of the issues that they come across would be solved if they just communicated with each other. They both seem so scared to speak their mind and be honest with one another. The villains are truly evil, and give a sense of constant danger and uneasiness and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Wild West fans will adore this sweet and spicy historical fiction!

Amanda Hupe