The Infamous Miss Ilsa (Fraser Springs Book 2)


Five years ago, Ilsa Pedersen was an orphan working as a maid in the home of the Whitacres of Vancouver, Canada.  While not a happy home, Ilsa found happiness in her friendship with Theo, the only child of the wealthy Whitacres.  Her happiness is short-lived when she is tossed out after being found in a compromising position in Theo’s bed.  Putting her shame and heartbreak behind her, she has made her way to Fraser Springs and made a life for herself, working at a bathhouse and planning a dress shop in Vancouver.  Through a twist of fate, Theo also finds himself in Fraser Springs completing a medical internship before he can further his medical studies in Europe.  After recovering from the shock of their reunion, the two settle into a friendship of sorts, but when a mysterious illness starts plaguing hotel guests, Theo realizes he needs Ilsa’s help to find the source.  Will they find the source of the illness? Will they find a way forward together without giving up their dreams?

The second book in the Fraser Springs series, this book stands delightfully alone.  Theo’s social awkwardness is endearing and makes him an immensely likable character. Ilsa is independent, friendly and sweet. In a twist for a historical romance, Ilsa is the experienced and confident part of the couple and slowly draws Theo out of his shell.  Vivid characters bring this funny, sexy and utterly charming story to life.  Laine Ferndale delivers everything one could hope for in a romance novel and more. Readers will want to be on the lookout for book three out this fall.

Elissa Blabac