The Indomitable Eve: A Montana Romance Novella, #4


Eve DeLaurent, always the inveterate actress, wears her profession like a cloak. When she arrives in Cold Springs, Montana, to reunite with her sister, Amelia, who abandoned her two years prior, Eve ends up wearing that cloak like a suit of armor. Unable to talk about the tragedy that she has endured since her sister left, Eve finds herself evading Amelia while at the same time envying her sister’s perfect life. A chasm builds until Reverend Mark Andrews steps in. Eve soon realizes that Mark is essential to her happiness in more than the ecclesiastical way. 


This sweet romantic story is an interesting tale of love, hope, forgiveness, and the invisible thread that connects family members. It also briefly touches upon some of the darkness and depravity that sometimes enters the people's lives, but is done in a very tasteful and empathetic manner. The shortness of the book rushes Eve’s story, which has the potential for a more elaborate and engaging novel, but is nonetheless enjoyable. This delightful read draws the reader in with its descriptive scenes, smooth flowing plot, and likable characters. The author did an excellent job with Eve’s character. It was thoughtfully wrought and depicted in a way that shows her indomitable spirit in the face of tragedy, without hindering the joy she found in her relationship with Mark. This historical romance contains the magic of love’s ability to heal and the happiness of happily ever after!


Janna Shay