Reviews - Historical

Sorcha dún Scoti inherited a keek stane from her beloved seer Unna, together with the gift of sight. She can now see the true circumstances of her birth and her father's identity, and she doesn’t much like what she sees. Sorcha feels betrayed by her clan, and with Una gone, she is determined to find her under any circumstances.

Eamon MacDermott did not intend to return to the town where the Logan gang murdered his brother and his family: murders he failed to stop, and which left him nearly dead himself.

Almost a year after his youngest brother Finbarr lost his eyesight in a fire, Tavish O’Connor is the only thing keeping his family from imploding.  Despite his love and care, his family has lost all hope. Cecily Attwater has made a living bringing hope to the blind.

Dally Douglas is determined to enjoy her stay at her family’s ranch in Oregon. With only her brother to check her unconventional ways, Dally is free as a bird, and looking forward to the upcoming round-up. Perhaps she will even find a cowboy of her own — someone who loves horses as much as she does. Someone who is not the handsome, motorcycle-riding new town doctor. 

His Innocent Bride

Good-looking saloonkeeper Sam Standish is waiting at the train depot for his mail order bride.  Everyone around him is married, and although Sam doesn't consider himself the "settle down" type sending away for bride seemed like a good idea at the time. Once his intended arrives, he expects his active life will become as stale as a hot summer night.