An Independent Woman


VICTORIAN/MYSTERY:  Escape - it’s the only thing on Philomena’s mind. Escape from London, escape from Joseph, escape from the green-eyed man. Shearing off her long raven locks is a small price to pay. Dressed as a boy, Philomena (quite literally) crashes onto the estate of Lord Thatcham and finds herself torn between a refuge from the past that haunts her, and running from a love that can never be hers. 

Why can’t she just tell the truth? Lord Thatcham only needs to know what Philomena is hiding. He dearly wants to love and protect her. But who is he fooling? He’s hiding just as many—if not more—skeletons in his own closet.

“An Independent Woman” is a lovely historical with attention-grabbing plot lines. Occasionally, it’s difficult to follow the emotional reactions of the characters, as sometimes they are confusing and/or conflict with the scene. The antagonist is particularly baffling. It’s hard to tell how old he is and whether he’s scary or roguish. The Lord’s relationship with the dowager also is a bit confusing. Didn’t she provide respite when he was young? What happened to their relationship? Despite these few elements, the story flows nicely, the scenes are painted well for the reader, and the twists and turns provide a gliding, dipping, rising, ride!

Sofia St. Angeles