An Inconvenient Grand Tour (Victorian Grand Tour #1)

Lisa H.

Eleanor Barrington is desperate to marry someone with enough social status to protect her family from embarrassment. Her eccentric and artistic father’s actions have caused her no end of anxiety over the years, so when he decides at the last minute to take their family along on her brother’s Grand Tour, she’s certain the next two years will be long and fruitless. Percy Hauxton has to fight for everything, as the younger son of an earl. A grand tour with his best friend should help his ambition to work for the Foreign Office. Traveling with his best mate’s sister and parents wasn’t part of the plan. As exploring the European continent draws Eleanor and Percy together, secrets and goals equally pull them apart. As circumstances play out, Eleanor and Percy must decide if love in marriage is as exclusive as they think.

An enchanting Victorian Romance, “An Inconvenient Grant Tour” takes readers beyond the glistening ballrooms of debutants and lords waiting for the right lady, in an enthralling journey across the European continent that many young gentlemen traveled in pursuit of art and love. Eleanor is a young lady who not only is burdened by the worries of a teenager on the verge of adulthood, but who is tantalized by a love she’s not sure she can have. Her growth over the course of the book is steady but remarkable as she develops into a woman who values love over her worries. While the happily ever after is rather expected there are numerous little twists that make this not only a thorougly worthwhile read, but a standout in any reader’s to-read pile!

Sarah E Bradley