The Impoverished Dowry (The De Petras Saga, Book 2)

Emily EK

Jasper De Petras, patriarch of the family, has just received news his entire shipping fleet and crews have been lost in a storm. He has four children who all need dowries but the money is no longer there. Coral, as heir of the family, volunteers to forfeit her dowry. She comes up with a list of qualities her future husband must have, since she no longer has the option to marry for love but must marry for money. She has her list printed in the local paper. Her top quality is “must have dark hair.” She meets Edward Barlow, Duke of Glaenarm, at Almack’s. He fits most of the requirements. Intrigued by this beautiful redhead he tricks her into allowing him to help her find the perfect man. Little does Coral realize he has already claimed her for himself!

“The Impoverished Dowry” is a delightful frolic in the upside down lives of a family whose members all have names of gemstones, beginning with parents, Jasper and Opal.  A refreshing story, because in this family, the women are the heirs and the men take the woman’s last name. The matriarch has the last say in matters, but she keeps her husband’s thoughts in mind. One disturbing point is a cousin is brought into the mix, Amethyst, who is briefly mentioned and then seems to disappear from the story. Edward is dazzling as he quietly courts Coral with her never suspecting. Her list is a pair of blinders keeping her from seeing anyone before her as acceptable, including Edward. Brilliantly crafted, this tale is sure to charm romantics everywhere!

Belinda Wilson