An Ideal Duchess


An American:  Why, the thought was vulgar!  If it wasn’t for her money and its ability to save Bledington Park, Auberon Townsend, Duke of Malvern, wouldn’t give Amanda Vandewater a second glance. 

But he did give her a second glance, and even a third. What was supposed to be little more than a business transaction has turned into something more. Much more than either of them could have anticipated. Bron finds himself completely undone by the way Amanda frees his heart and lets him just be a man who loves a woman. For Amanda, the beautiful man she thought she married has disappeared and she finds her American spirit crushed by the Dowager Duchess, Bron’s cousin Violet, and the oppressive shadow of Bledington Park.


A swirling tale of lover’s woe, "An Ideal Duchess" demands the attention only a spirited American Duchess could inspire. Holland’s extensive historical knowledge makes "An Ideal Duchess" live through its pages but sometimes teeters on overwhelming. This heart wrenching story has the reader pleading for the love that burns between Bron and Amanda to overcome all its odds. The characters take us on a vivid emotional roller coaster, the scenery is to die for and it’s a no-brainer that the second installment should be bought ASAP.  More, miss? Yes, please, Your Grace!


Sandy Ponton