The Ice Duchess (Scandalous Regency Widows, #2)

Amy Rose

REGENCY:  Rafe Landsbury, the Earl of Markham, is both a mysterious man and known rake. He is instantly captivated by Georgiana Dudley.  Georgie, also nicknamed the “Ice Duchess” for her undisputed champion status in the game piquet, has finally met her match in Markham.  He instantly turns her world upside down and challenges not only her status at the card table, but her long-held reservations about love and intimacy as well.  As she opens her heart she learns that Markham has many facets and mysteries that may threaten her heart, their relationship, and her very life! 


Set in the year 1816, this story opens with a wonderful intellectual double entendre of game, set and match which instantly captures one’s attention.  From here the reader has to endure about 30% of the book of redundant situations for the plot to really get going.  However, if the reader can just make it through this seemingly daunting portion of the story, it is well worth the struggle, and it becomes very apparent why the story opens this way.  Then the plot takes off at such a heart-pounding speed, one cannot put the book down!  


One of the most notable elements to this story is Bennett’s ability to transport the reader back to 1816 with beautiful period language and prose that makes one feel as one has traveled back in time, while also seamlessly weaving modern vernacular and style into her writing so that it is not slow and cumbersome to read. Beautifully done!


Mary B Rose