The Ice Duchess


Georgiana, the “Ice Countess” is the widow of the Earl of Winterbourne. He was much older than she and abusive. As a result, Georgiana vows to never wed again. She founds the “Duchess Society,” an elite group of debutantes who are tutored about marriage and survival. It is said she has no emotions, but the truth is she keeps them to herself. One night at a Christmas ball, she spies Dex, a childhood friend of hers. Dex is enchanted to see her and asks her to meet him later. He wants Georgiana to help him find a bride from her Duchess Society. He has promised his dying father he will give him the name of his fiancée by Twelfth Night. What he really wants is Georgiana for his bride, but he knows he must go slowly in order to woo her.

“The Ice Duchess” is a delightful story capturing the reader’s imagination from the first page. Dex is handsome, intelligent, and knows he wants Georgiana. She exudes bitterness and an icy exterior because of her first marriage. Both characters are well-drawn and three dimensional. It’s fascinating watching Georgiana’s icy façade melt the longer she is in the presence of Dex. The premise of the Duchess Society is hard to accept because in the time frame, women had no rights and men had no patience to haggle with them. The secondary characters, while charming, were one dimensional and needed some help springing to life. More time should be spent on the Duchess Society. It is Georgiana’s pet project, but there is little mention of it. “Ice Duchess” is a marvelous novella showing dreams can come true.

Belinda Wilson