Ian's Rose: Book One of The Mackintoshes and McLarens


Ian Mackintosh is in love with Rose McLaren. She is his everything and he plans to marry her. Unfortunately he lets his insecurities get the better of him and he decides to break their troth. Thankfully Rose isn’t going to let him go that easily, and after they are married, they are given the opportunity to take over the McLaren lands. Ian and Rose set off on a new adventure, with Ian as the new laird, building a new keep and making Clan McLaren everything it should be. Everything is going well - maybe too well. Late one night Rose is kidnapped, and Ian will surely lose his mind if he is unable to locate her. After a ransom is requested, Ian will have to make a deal that goes against everything he believes, but it’s worth everything he has to get his Rose back. 

Ms. Tisdale writes such sigh-worthy stories! What’s not to love about a handsome hunk of a highlander? One will fall in love with both Ian and Rose, will feel each emotion as the pages turn. The Scottish Highlands burst from the page, and one will see the beautiful landscape as the characters travel through the area. The story does slow a bit in a few spots, but it doesn’t detract from the story at all. Being that this is Ms. Tisdale's first full length novel in two years, she has done herself proud and the story of Ian and Rose was worth the wait!

Lynne Bryant