I Kissed an Earl (and I Liked It) (That Wicked O’Shea Family #1)


Since her brother has spent most of his time in England, Lady Marie O’Shea and her sisters have lived in relative freedom in their beloved seaside cottage. With their brother’s return to Ireland, she’s in for a rude awakening as he intends to see his sisters married to prevent them further besmirching the family with scandal. Of course, Marie lands herself in a compromising position and is the first to have a match arranged. Christian Darrow, a second son with few expectations, finds a kindred spirit in Marie, and they immediately find trouble together. Their connection is immediate, but when a minor prank results in permanent consequences, Christian pushes Marie away, even though she may be the only one who can see him through the upheaval.

This book was an unexpected emotional rollercoaster and packs a punch despite its brevity. Marie and Christian have a playful first meeting, after which it’s clear they are meant for each other. After such a carefree beginning, a tragic twist will leave readers as shocked as the characters. Christian is forced to face life-altering circumstances and briefly loses all sense of himself. With Christian shaken and feeling unworthy, it is up to Marie to bring him to his senses. Her stubborn resolve to repair several relationships, including her own, is sure to charm readers. Marie's determination to ensure happy endings for both herself and the people around her is admirable and serves to redeem her more impulsive tendencies. Once past the shock of such unexpected tragedy in a romance, this book is sure to have readers rooting for this couple and longing for the lush, green beauty of Ireland.

Niki Price