I Am Mrs. Jesse James


Zee (short for Zerelda, named after her aunt) is working alongside her parents at a boardinghouse. The family is living during a difficult war-torn time. The South has been hit hard, and Zee has two cousins: Jesse and Frank, who  have been fighting for the South. When Jesse is brought to the boardinghouse with barely a breath of life left in him, iIt’s up to Zee to nurse him back to health. They develop feelings for one another; however, they are first cousins and do not have their parents’ blessing to have a relationship. Jesse is on the run and makes minimal visits to Zee over the years, but he’s promised his love and marriage to her, if she will have him. Years later, they marry and have a family, but the fight and the criminal in Jesse always wins the battle inside him.

Ms. Wahler certainly has penned a fantastic tale. From the beginning, readers are transported to the1860’s and into the war-ridden Southern states. The trials and hardships of that period are very well portrayed. The characters are well-drawn, and the story being told from the spouse of the famous Jesse James’ point of view makes this read a real treat. The many trials that Zee and Jesse must endure add to the sympathetic feelings readers will have for the family of a very famous outlaw. This is a fantastically researched historical piece that many readers will enjoy, even if the historical genre is not their first choice. Add Ms. Wahler to your watch list. She will not disappoint!

Viola Robins