How to Win a Dukes Heart (Seductive Scoundrels Book 14)


Sophronie Slater is an American in love with horses. Having been raised on the American continent by her indulgent father, she is a confident woman not held back by societie’s expectations of what females should be. Sophronie gets along with most people but not the Duke of Waycross, Evan Gordonstone. Evan is trying to revive his duchy by breeding and racing horses. But horses are the only thing that Evan and Sophronie can agree on. They are constantly at odds and often vying for the same horse. When they find themselves thrown into a whirlwind marriage orchestrated by her father on his deathbed, she intends to try it for a year with the idea that she will never stay. Her headstrong ways just might cost her a chance at true happiness.

This latest addition to the Seductive Scoundrels series can easily be read as a stand-alone. Sophronie is a breath of fresh air in a historical romance. With her less inhibited American ways, she challenges the status quo. Every time Sophronie and Edward meet, sparks fly, and everyone—but them—can feel the heat. The character development is good, and Edward’s supportive family is full of witty women who create a lot of laughter. There are several very strong females in this historical who sometimes even use strong language that feels foreign for the time period. The plot has quite a few slow spots.  Sophronie and Edward’s emotions pull them together repeatedly and elicit heart palpitations in everyone around. With murder, intrigue, and a burning romance, this is a fun passionate read.

Cara Cieslak