How to Wake a Sleeping Lady


Grant Barrett lost his beloved wife, Nessa, when she was swept out to sea, leaving him to raise their daughter alone. Three long years have passed, and Grant has finally taken steps to move forward with his life. Then a miracle occurs, and Nessa is found alive! Unfortunately, she has no memory of Grant, their daughter, or their life together. Despite the monumental obstacles they face, Grant vows never to let go of Nessa again. Nessa nervously agrees to return ‘home’ to her husband and daughter. Yet, with each passing day, she becomes more frustrated by her inability to remember her past. The more she learns about the events that transpired while she was away, the worse she feels. If that weren’t enough stress, a poisonous atmosphere develops between Nessa and her mother-in-law. Will Grant be able to win Nessa’s heart a second time? 

One may have to approach this novel with no small amount of resignation. Another romance novel, another amnesia trope. Insert groans and sighs here. Well, toss all those misgivings aside because Grant and Nessa will grab one by the heartstrings immediately, and will refuse to let go until the final page is turned. The story is written like an old-fashioned fairytale with an almost whimsical quality to it. While the emotions run the gamut from sadness to joy, be aware that all fairytales have an underlying sinister tone, meaning there could be a villainous plot afoot! This is a sweet, delightful story, full of charm, but it also has a bite to it. Overall, one cannot find a single thing not to like about this enchanting, charming, heartwarming story!

Julie Whiteley