How to Turn a Frog into a Prince (Happy Ever Regency Book 5)


Charlaine Palmer had a happy life growing up in Jamaica, until everyone in her family is killed by a mysterious sickness. Alone in the world, Charlaine is sent to live with a close family friend in England, but upon arrival, Charlaine is made shockingly aware of just how different she is from the aristocracy she must now live amongst. Nathanial Caswell made his fortune in America, but everything falls to ashes when his fiancée breaks their engagement and his heart. Needing to distance himself from the constant reminders, Nathanial accepts an invitation from his brother to visit him and his new wife in England.  Nothing seems to be able to lift him out of his hardened, cynical world, however, until a bright young woman makes it her mission to become his friend. 

What a fun and creative take on the often stodgy world of Regency era romance! Ms. Wolf’s writing style is lovely. It flows smoothly and makes the reading experience delightful.  There are numerous anachronisms that are glaring, however. A single man living with a single woman with no chaperones, an unwed mother with her illegitimate child employed as a governess, to name just a few. The pace of the story does slow considerably in the middle but picks up the last third of the book, and at that point, it is absolutely impossible to put down! If one doesn’t mind suspending disbelief for a bit, this is definitely one to enjoy!

Ruth Lynn Ritter