How to Train Your Knight

Stella Marie

MEDIEVAL:  When Sir Marcus “The Beast” Blackwell saves King Edward during the holy wars, he’s gifted with lands that would have gone to his older brother. His orders are to wed, bed, then hang the lady of the house, a young widow rumored to be a murderous witch. Enter Lady Ann, a beautiful young woman who has suffered at the hands of greedy and cruel men: her father, by abandonment and beatings, and her first husband, who vented his sexual frustrations through lashings. Ann has copied the Roman army’s superior mechanical and management skills, and built a thriving, self-sustaining community of loyal subjects. Until the Beast comes along, attempting to take control of her body and her lands—just another man to ruin her plans.


Ms. Alden pulls the reader into this delightful medieval romance immediately, with serious subject matter written in a suspenseful, though lighthearted style. There were a handful of historically incorrect items for the era, in phrasing or lifestyle credibility that research should have cleared up. Incorrect pronoun usage, as well as rapid shifting of points of view was sometimes confusing as to dialogue targeting, though not enough to be a major distraction. Otherwise, this excellently-plotted storyline entertains with well-developed characters, enough humor and heat to keep readers turning pages at a furious pace. It’s an excellent piece of work for a debut author, especially in a genre that is so difficult to write with accuracy! 


Lori Leger