How to Tame a Beastly Lord (Happy Ever Regency #2)


After a series of unfortunate events, Lady Eugenie finds herself marrying a man known as the Beast of Ravengrove in a desperate attempt to protect herself and her unborn child.  Determined to make the best of the situation, Eugenie goes out of her way to tame this beast.  Adrian only marries Eugenie as a favor to an old friend, a favor he cannot deny.  Even though he agrees to marry her, he wants nothing to do with her or the possibility of love because, after living through tragedy, he believes himself cursed.  However, the longer Eugenie is in his home, the harder it is to ignore the love she brings and the longing inside his heart.  As Eugenie helps bring light back into a dark castle, she also must find a way to bring light back to Adrian’s soul.  

With a twist on the classic “Beauty and the Beast,” Ms. Wolf brings new life, new back-stories and new twists to these beloved characters.  Lady Eugenie and Adrian, aka “the Beast of Ravengrove”, are two characters one knows will end up in love, but their journey is far from predictable.  Throughout the tale, the estate and servants begin to awaken and although enjoyable, more physical description of everything and everyone would have made for an even richer experience.  One of the unique aspects of the story is how Eugenie and Adrian spend the majority of the time isolated from one another.  The result is their interactions are more powerful even if it does slow the plot down.  “How to Tame a Beastly Lord” will satisfy readers’ longing for a happily ever after.

Amy Cefoldo