How to Marry Your Wife

Stella Marie

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Thomas D'Agostine must leave his love, the Lady Meredith Umfraville, to join his fellow Templar knights on the crusade to Jerusalem. Feeling devastated he spends a few cherished but stolen moments with her until they can meet again and marry. Six long years pass and upon his return he discovers that she is betrothed to another and will bring to that union a son. Everyone thought him dead and life continued, yet Thomas' heart remains hers forever. In a quick and hasty ceremony they are wed but not with the same complete and undying devotion that Meredith once had, so he is determined to win back her love or die trying.


This story leaves no time to waste with a quick and steamy love scene that has very sexy descriptions and a romance just bursting at the seams. However, both Meredith and Thomas are at odds from this point forward and it becomes difficult for the reader to really connect. It is a feisty and entertaining battle that continues, but at times is exasperating when they are back and forth like a tug o' war and their chemistry just falls through the cracks. Meredith is broody and moody but her backstory once revealed is interesting. The plot turns and swerves with plenty of appealing adventure and the overall medieval setting just adds to the intrigue. A note for those who have sensitive ears a lot of coarse language is used and frequently.  


Margaret Faria