How to Marry a Viscount (The Cinderella Society Book 3)

Alyxandra Harvey

Tamsin Bell, daughter of the Duke of Chester, has been in love with Captain Henry Talbot, (Viscount Stirling) for years. Unfortunately, every time she has the courage to let him know, he disappears. He has loved her as well, but he has to stay ever-vigilant because his father, an Earl, has hired multiple people to attack him when he least expects it, as tests to keep him strong and aware, and as preparation for the time when he will inherit his father’s title. Meanwhile, Tamsin and three of her friends are part of the ‘Cinderella Society’. They use their gifts and strengths to help others and right wrongs and injustices. In this case, someone has stolen a poppet from Tamsin, and although it’s worthless financially, it has deep sentimental value to her. She wants it back. Since Henry wants to keep Tamsin safe, he stations a guard to watch her home. Meanwhile, her father wants to marry her to a lecher. Tamsin really wants to marry Henry, but he is not cooperating for fear she will get injured during his father’s attacks. 


The Cinderella Society adds interest to this story, as the author highlights their skills, intelligence, and inner core of strength. Captain Talbot, recently discharged from the royal navy, has his own band of loyal friends, and has little interest in the ‘games’  or the inane conversations displayed at aristocratic events. Yet, he must be present if he is to keep Tamsin safe. The conflicts are delineated clearly, and both protagonists are crafted fully. This book can be read as a stand-alone, yet is part of a larger series. 


Carey Sullivan