How to Marry an Earl (A Cinderella Society, Book One)


Dirt Smudges and old artifacts are what hold Persephone, ‘Percy’, Blackwell’s attention, much to the dismay of her grandmother and polite society. Helping to host a festival for antiques, Percy is practically floating on clouds with all the borrowed treasures pouring in for her to itemize and display. All the while, she works hard to find secret hidden messages from one of her oldest friends, Henry, who is being framed for treason. When Conall Hunter, the Earl of Northwyck, shows up to investigate and find a traitor under the guise of searching for a wife, Percy can’t help but find herself drawn to the boy who used to be shy. With fire burning between the two, and danger lurking around every corner, Percy and Conall must find who the real traitor is before more bodies pile up and someone ends up losing their head to the crown.

Overall, this book was a good read, however, it was at times hard to keep track of all the characters and unnecessary details. The storyline seemed to be filled with extra tidbits to distract from the main story. Percy and Conall’s love story builds slowly in a fun and mysterious way, almost making the reader unsure if they would end up together. The mystery entangled throughout crawls at a seemingly slow pace until the end where its wrapped up nicely with lots of exciting twists. Percy’s grandmother was a delightful addition to the story that always seems to have her hands in a little bit of everything. All in all, a fun read that will leave you guessing to the very end.

Marie Sanderson