How to Marry a Duke (The Cinderella Society, Book 2)


Meg Swift, a viscount’s daughter, is at “The Cinderella Ball” her godfather, the duke, hosts for his unwed goddaughters. Meg catches the attention of Dougal Black, Duke of Thorncroft, while she is filching gilded almonds. Three months prior, the duke himself was a commoner. He feels out of place at the ball because of all the rules. Meg comes from the ton, but does not have a dowry because her uncle gambled it away. The past Duke of Thorncroft gifted many antiquities to Meg’s godfather, the Duke of Pendleton. After the ball, he sends Meg home with Dougal to sketch the relics for him. Pendleton also mentions there is a treasure hidden somewhere in the abbey at Thorncroft. A mystery to solve! Now if only Dougal can find a wife before the prince finds one for him!

“How to Marry a Duke” is a whimsical piece sure to delight the reader! Meg and Dougal are well written and described as strong individuals. They both are flawed, endearing them to the reader. Secondary characters are eccentric and add color and brilliance to an already lively story. Loosely based on the “Cinderella” story, the plot differs enough to make this an entirely new perspective on an old idea. Plot complications are delightful, keeping the reader engaged. A treasure hunt and the riddle are fun and add another dimension to this entertaining romance. Although the old Duke of Thorncroft is dead, one can still feel his wrath due to the crumbling plaster of the murals. The treasure hunters and marriage-minded debutantes keep everyone alert as time runs out on finding the treasure - and a wife!

Belinda Wilson