How to Live Happily Ever After (Happy Ever Regency Book 7)


Lord Wentworth is one of London’s most eligible and handsome bachelors and his mother has her sights set on an advantageous match. Miss Agnes Bottombrook at the age of twenty-nine feels herself firmly on the shelf and is reconciled to the idea she will never marry. When Lord Wentworth sees Miss Bottombrook, he instantly falls head over heels and does everything he can to prove to her, his mother, and society that she is the only woman he wants or needs. Agnes can’t seem to trust this sudden interest and worries that she will be made a fool of if she dares to risk her heart. The only thing worse than that would be to miss out on true love and happiness because she couldn’t take the risk.

Lord Wentworth and Miss Bottombrook have an endearing relationship. As they begin to court and get to know one another, the reader can’t help but form an attachment to them both. With fun, witty conversations, readers can’t help but laugh and smile throughout the story. Agnes’ insecurity is easy to relate to and when misunderstandings arise, readers will feel the pain as if a good friend is aching. The character development is great. Lord Wentworth and Miss Bottombrook grow together while also individually discovering strengths. With a slow burn, the chemistry between them builds. Love at first sight is always a hard sell. However, as Agnes becomes convinced, the reader too will start to hope it exists and root for these two to take that leap and find true happiness.

Cara Cieslak