How to Kiss a Rogue (Connected by a Kiss #2)


REGENCY:  Lady Natalie has been in love with Lord Christian St. Vella since she was a girl. When she sees him with her best friend, betrayal and heartbreak force her to act. When her parent’s announce her betrothal to a man she’s never met, Natalie uses the holiday party as her last chance to pursue Christian. Unfortunately, the Marquis of Knightly has never had any interest in his friend’s little sister, unable to see past her shallow exterior - until now. With an engagement to be announced at the ball, will Natalie be able to get Christian to return her feelings, or will she be doomed to a loveless marriage with another man?


A short historical novella, “How to Kiss a Rogue” plays on misunderstanding and the antics of Lady Natalie to move the plot. With two somewhat self-absorbed characters starring in the story, readers might find their turn toward one another rather amusing. However, due to the length, there is little character development and Natalie’s feelings toward her best friend do an abrupt 180 midway through the story without warning, which can be disconcerting. Still, there is plenty of passion while staying clean, and the story does introduce some interesting side characters who deserve their own novella. All of this adds up to a nice fluffy read.


Sarah E Bradley