How to Fool a Duke (The Husband Dilemma Book 1)

Mary Lancaster and
Violetta Rand

An arranged marriage is underway between Lady Sarah Merrington and Leonard, Duke of Vexen. However, the engagement is broken off because the Duke does not think Lady Sarah would make a suitable Duchess. Heartbroken and awakened, Lady Sarah leaves her home and finds solace in a piece of offshore land where she plans her sweet revenge on the Duke. Lady Whitmore, the owner of the cottage where Sarah lives, after learning about Lady Sarah’s predicaments offers to help her with her mission. Refining her singing talent and physical appearance, Sarah is finally ready to face the man who sent her down the path of broken hearts. After nearly two years, she meets face to face with the Duke, at a charity event organized by Lady Whitmore where her plan rolls into motion.

“How to Fool a Duke” is a perfect cocktail of beauty, bitterness, and vulnerability sprinkled with a generous amount of humor. With likable characters and an aspect of antique art collection, the author takes the reader through some of the items that Norsemen and Vikings used in ancient times. Though entertaining, the reader may wonder why the protagonist’s grip on her revenge plan was not as tight as one is led to believe in the early stages of the book. The relationship between Lady Whitmore and the Duke did not come out as strongly as it should have, especially due to their shared bond. Despite these two issues, this unique and distinctive tale leaves the reader craving more from these authors.

JM Lareen