How to Fell a Timberman (The Bjornsons #1)


Vidar Bjornson needs a teacher to give his men lessons on being a gentleman, so he hires someone who he thinks is suitable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned when Noelle Bridger is sent instead as a prank by Bjornson’s brother. It’s not long before his men are all over her. Trying to escape her own problems, Noelle can’t leave and has no choice but to stay. As they work together, the timber boss begins to see the teacher in a different light. Will he warm up to her and trust her with his secrets or will they continue to argue and fight one another?

The concept of this story is very good and one that one doesn’t come across too often. There’s a very rugged alpha male who is used to being commanding and having people do what he wants, then you have a sassy and strong female who isn’t willing to take any of his nonsense, making for very good dialogue and verbal sparring between the two. The development of the characters relationship was such that it kept the novel interesting with the question of ‘What would happen next?’ Add in some very naughty and searing scenes and the reader is all set for a novel they won’t want to put down!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick