How to Court a Covert Lady (Ladies Covert Academy Book 1)

Jenny Hartwell

Jack Dashwood, Earl of Hartwick, is in search of his sister. He is frantic because he does not know if she has run away or if she is captured. He asks the LCA (Ladies Covert Academy) to assist him, but does not have much help when he takes the search into his own hands when he runs into Miss Pippa Chester, who has recently entered into society. With little aid from the LCA, he threatens to expose it for what it really is if she doesn’t help him find his sister. However, Pippa wasn’t expecting something like falling for Jack as she assists him in his search. Even though Pippa has agreed to help, she still has to save the LCA from Jack’s threat. Will Pippa and Jack find his sister? And will Pippa save the LCA? 

“How to Court a Covert Lady” is an adventure filled romance. Jenny Hartwell keeps her readers on their toes with each turn of the page with her spicy innuendos. This is an adult read as steam rolls off the pages with every descriptive imagery. This is an unexpected fairy tale about two characters who happened upon each other. They have an instant connection as the author portrays their tangy relationship with her fiery phrases. However, this isn’t just a romance, but it’s also about revenge from someone who cares for their father. The author mixes revenge with romance to keep the spiciness alive between the characters, making this a great read! 

Stephanie Bell