Hopeful in Yellow (Colors of Scandal, Book 16)


Evelina Aston is unwittingly involved in a juicy scandal during the summer of 1819--a hilarious situation that forces her to marry Charles Bowling, the Earl of Ethersham. Evelina is spunky and spirited, but those qualities have been hidden for so long, that most people aren’t aware of her true personality. She also has the ability to verbalize the essence of a situation, which is appealing in a protagonist. Her lack of duplicity enables Charles to be honest as well. Charles is the heir to the Duke of Tarkington; sadly, he doesn’t feel deserving of love because of the lives he took during wartime and the suffering he witnessed while working as a spy. His best friend reminds him that it is time to forgive himself for what he did to survive in wartime. He tries to make the best of his marriage, but he faces temptations and has short-sighted decision-making skills that lead to several misunderstandings.

The book contains delightful aspects and interesting characters. The world that the author creates is intriguing and the conflicts are well thought-out. Unfortunately, the book didn’t gel completely. After being forced to wed as nearly total strangers, they find common ground rapidly and begin to fall in love. There is a well-written nerve-wracking scene near the end that ratchets up the tension and cements their love for each other, but the relationship just feels somewhat rushed. Nevertheless, the many delightful twists and turns of this book make it an enjoyable experience to read. Both of these protagonists take a deep interior journey within this book, and it adds depth to their character development.

Carey Sullivan