Honor Bound (Shades of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy Book 2)


CIVIL WAR: Alex Hunter promises his dying brother, Daniel Delaney, he will protect Andrea Evans. Hunter gets Andrea released from prison, and he takes the near-dead woman into his home to have his slaves nurse her back to health. Hers is a long recovery, and Hunter realizes after a time that he enjoys their verbal skirmishes. Andrea feels she is still a prisoner of sorts, although she is free to wander anywhere on the property. She also realizes she has feelings for Hunter but is hesitant to say anything, because he, as a Southerner, is still her sworn enemy. Hunter’s men often come and go from Hawthorne, and it is a well-kept secret Andrea is a Northerner. When the Yankees come to burn down Hawthorne, Andrea realizes she loves it too much to have it destroyed and comes up with a plan to save it.

A spellbinding plot keeps “Honor Bound” above all the rest of epic novels. This emotional rollercoaster toys with the reader’s emotions as they go from the highest to the lowest of feelings. Hunter is the epitome of the hero, showing a passionate love for God and country. Tensions between Andrea and Hunter are tangible as they volley with their explosive words. The abrupt ending is disappointing. One must read the next tome to see what happens. The three dimensional characters leap off the pages they are so realistic. Hawthorne is described in exquisite detail so one can imagine the layout of the home, as well as the outbuildings. The quotes from Abraham Lincoln, General Lee, and others lend more authenticity to the story. A saga which should not be missed by history buffs!

Belinda Wilson