Honor Among Thieves


When Baron Chorley dies, all he leaves his sister and young heir are substantial gambling debts. When Lorna goes to Thomas’ grave, there are grave robbers (or resurrectionists), stealing the body to sell it to the pathology school. Lorna is appalled, then throws her lot in with them and tells them she is the only one who can sell Thomas. Thereafter, she is known as the Blackbird and she acts as a lookout or a decoy while the men ply their trade. Lorna uses her position in society to help the resurrectionists know what society person has died. Then she meets Brandon. Part of his job at McGully’s Covent Garden School of Anatomical Studies is to secure bodies for the students.  Lorna is attracted to Brandon, but must keep her nightly activities a secret from him. Before long, they are involved in an affair, which makes it even harder for her to keep up appearances.


This is a delightful cat and mouse story where the reader stays on the edge of his seat waiting to see if Brandon uncovers Lorna’s secret. There is an intricate plot that keeps the reader’s attention and makes the book difficult to put down. There is the occasional word missing in some of the sentences, but that can be corrected with a quick edit. The professions of each main character are unusual and thus make them unique. This is a quick must read for anyone’s library!


Belinda Wilson