An Honest Woman: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Lord Aramis Russe has been drowning in misery since his wife and young son died, and his friends have had enough. Determined to revive their friend, Prince Edward himself orders Aramis to protect the beautiful widow Dowager Countess Clementine de Winter. Not only has the prince accidentally embroiled the widow in a scandal, but danger stalks her and her household. Someone must make an honest woman out of her and protect her at all times, and it might as well be Aramis, if the Prince can get the stubborn pair to agree. While sparks fly at first reintroduction, neither is sure of the other, or their own feelings. Can Aramis successfully protect not only Clementine’s person but also her heart? Or will some of the Countess’ old secrets destroy them both?

A historical romance set in the Victorian era, “An Honest Woman” is a diamond in the rough. Full of potential, the story has a good plot base, a secretive widow in danger and a widower as the only one who can protect her. However, the execution falls a bit flat. The pace is rushed, and the romance, while full of simmering sparks, goes from zero to sixty so fast that the reader struggles to adapt to the new relationship status. The conflict itself seems to mostly fuel drama in the rough relationship rather than resolve the plot. However, the characters are interesting, particularly the relationship between the countess and her stepson. Further, the attraction between the leads is so magnetic there is no reason there could not be more development there to savor. Overall, this is story with potential and sparks for fans of Victorian romance.

Sarah E Bradley