Home in Wylder


WESTERN: Sarah Miller has made two awful mistakes. First, she believed the lies of a scoundrel who promised marriage then left her at the altar. Second, she listened to her mother who, afraid of the scandal in her Savannah circles, urged her to head to Wylder, Wyoming, a town far too rough for the genteel Sarah. She finds a protector in Daniel Taylor, a local horse rancher. She quickly falls for him and allows him to court her, though she knows she’s leaving sooner rather than later. After saving Sarah from a couple of ruffians, Daniel finds himself smitten by Sarah. Though he knows his time with her is short, he hopes he can convince her to stay with him for the rest of her life.

“Home in Wylder” is a solid Western romance set in the rough and tumble Wyoming of 1878. Sarah, though timid and shy, grows stronger as the book progresses. However, Sarah’s need to submit, though accurate historically, might irritate some readers. Also, both Sarah and Daniel jump immediately into a courtship when Sarah doesn’t want marriage. Daniel admires traits Sarah hasn’t shown yet. Only later, when Sarah’s life is threatened, does it begin to feel as if there is love between them. Sarah’s eager willingness to provide embroidery for the local madam seemed odd, given Sarah’s upbringing. In general, it was difficult to see the childlike Sarah as her stated age of twenty-one. Daniel is more believable, and his way with horses is endearing. Overall, a solid, enjoyable read.

Amanda Carlisle