Home is the Sailor


With her debut to English society behind her, Isabella Darden expected a quiet return to her home in Kingston, Jamaica. She never suspected she would find herself in the midst of secrecy and battle. Tristan Marrack’s mission just became more complicated with Isabella onboard. Eight long years have passed since he last saw the love of his life. Now he must not only keep her safe but take down the privateer-turned-pirates to ensure the safety of his family’s shipping empire. 


Great care and attention to accuracy ensure that the minutest descriptions are brought to life for this nineteenth century read. That being the case, a reader may find themselves requesting the ship's diagram; with multiple references to sailing and the vessel's anatomy, one not fluent in historic maritime jargon may often be left distracted in thought, leaving an under-appreciation of the author’s skill for being meticulous. Nonetheless, the ship’s crew holds no superstition for a woman being on board. This ensures that Tristan and Isabella have no trouble in reigniting their former love after an eight year separation. Each having held tightly to their unforgettable affections for one another only aids in additional believability, as Isabella is not only treated as Tristan’s equal, but personal confidant. This eventually propels a reader to their engagement and subsequent consummation. Mr. Andrews delivers a well-written adventure, riddled with rich historical references that both history and naval buffs will fully appreciate and delight in!


Stephanie Lodes