Home of Her Heart


Sergeant Klayne Campbell has never known much love and laughter, but when he meets Delaney Danvers, he is immediately drawn to her sweetness and ready laugh. With World War II raging, however, Klayne knows his time at the base might be short. When he finds out he is leaving on a top-secret mission, he knows he has to do the impossible and make Delaney his. However, Delaney isn’t so sure she can be a war bride and face life alone if the unthinkable happens.  With time running out, they will have to make a decision that will change their lives forever. Could love be worth the risk?

 This is an emotionally compelling story set just as the U.S. enters World War II. The author deftly draws readers into this era with attention to detail that make it feel believable, in a small town with a secondary cast of characters that add depth and dimension. The plot had just enough twists to it to keep readers turning pages to see what would happen next, but there were times when the pacing was uneven. However, this tender love story is a heart-wrenching journey through the eyes of soldiers and those they have left behind, and includes several historical details that breathe life into a tale that feels all too real. Though it is a romance during wartime, it has a sweet payoff that will leave readers closing the book with a happy sigh and a smile. Definitely worth the read!

Kate Campbell