Home Fires


Olivia sees her beau, Cordell Mathews, for the last time when he rides off to fight for the South, eight long years ago. She doesn’t understand why he still hasn’t come for her. The war is long over, yet still she waits, working for a Union doctor at Fort Laramie. When the doctor dies and his replacement is a man who has already tried to kill her, she immediately packs up her bags and she heads off for Wyoming. Little does she know Cord is living in Wyoming and has been under the assumption that Olivia is dead.


This is the beautiful reunion story for Cord and Olivia. These characters are very deep and well fleshed out. The scenery in the story is beautiful and the prejudice against Nathan in the story is very true to life during those times. The one thing that distracts from a wonderful story is the overuse of the comma. There are also incomplete sentences, so the reader has to guess at the writer’s intent. In several instances, words are repeated, causing some confusion. These are all minor editing problems that can easily be corrected. "Home Fires" is a wonderful story of the rebuilding of lives post-civil war.  Any history buff would enjoy reading this delightful story!


Belinda Wilson