The Holly and the Ivy

Sarah M. Eden, Esther Hatch,
Dana LeCheminant, & Anneka R. Walker

ANTHOLOGY: “The Holly and the Ivy” sees a nursemaid and a gardener falling in love as they help a little boy learn to love the holidays again. In “Hiding Christmas”, Kristine and her English grandma must leave Scotland where Christmas will only bring them persecution, to celebrate their cherished holiday in England. “A Twist of Christmas” gives Graham the chance to trade places with his younger brother, Henry, at a holiday party, just as Lady Elizabeth convinces her companion, Miss Campbell, to trade places with her so she can finally be seen as someone other than the Duke’s daughter, but neither couple expects to find love while playing the part of someone else. In “A Season to Love”, Alice is praying for a Christmas miracle to find a love match before her aunt marries her to the most eligible bachelor she can find this next season, regardless of her feelings on the matter.

Each talented author brings her own unique take in this Christmas anthology. The stories are all well-crafted, and although some are predictable, they are heartwarming and comforting in their reliability. “The Holly and the Ivy” is a sweet romance with love that needs faith to have a chance. “Hiding Christmas” is a comedic joy as Kristine and her English grandma try to travel from Scotland to England to celebrate the taboo holiday, but Granny puts a wrench in the plans with her unexpected Yule loaf, bringing delightfully fun humor to this collection. “A Twist of Christmas” feels familiar as main characters trade places at a holiday party in a charming fun-filled plot with an unexpected twist that will leave the reader smiling, and “A Season to Love” has a Christmas miracle bringing love to a fiery heroine in her last chance at a love match, giving the reader the warm-fuzzy feeling. A thoroughly delightful and charming collection of tales from start to finish!

Cara Cieslak