Holly and Hopeful Hearts (A Bluestocking Belles Collection)

Jude Knight, Susana Ellis, Jessica Cale,
Nicole Zoltack, Caroline Warfield, Amy Rose Bennett

The novellas included in this anthology are all historical and the characters are high- ranking individuals - some in fact, are royalty. There is a story about a woman falling in love with a scoundrel type, another where the heroine is trying to escape her overbearing mother and one that was particularly enjoyed about a servant who is encouraged by her mistress to mingle with the higher ranking guests. Each novella is jam packed with romance and a sensuality that readers will enjoy. Each story has a heroine that woman can relate to and a hero they want to be with. 


Each one of the authors chosen to be featured in this anthology has done their research. They have captured the setting and dialogue of the time period exactly and created unforgettable characters and scenarios that will keep a reader enthralled for hours. This book has something for everyone, noble gentlemen and gentlemen who are not so much. With well written settings and plots, this book is one of the best historical romance anthologies out there. Readers will be transported back into a time of gowns and grandeur with manners, grand romance and nobility. There are no two ways about it, this historical collection is well put together and the stories from authors who know how to write romance. It is the crème de la crème of historical romance anthologies! 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick