In His Touch

Peggy L.

After spending four years in prison framed for murder, Cade returns to the place where it all began - to take out his revenge on the man who wronged him. A woman detracts him from his mission a woman he comes to love, a woman who may hate him if she finds out the truth.


When widowed Laura drives away the men who threaten her, they happen to shoot a drifter close to her land. She saves him and brings him back to health. Soon he becomes a familiar fixture in her life; albeit one that she would rather not have. He is handsome, while she considers herself ugly. Cade breaks down her walls and shows her she really is beautiful. Laura falls for him and comes to trust him until she finds out who he really is.


In a world where characters are nearly close to perfect physically, Ms. Henderson weaves a tale that breaks down the barriers of physical disfigurement, allowing her handsome male characters to fall for her blemished women. And the theme that runs right through the whole story? A flowing river of hope. Still, as all love stories are wont to have, there is something that can break them apart. This was a sweet love story with a twist that was interesting as it was surprising. It would have been more satisfying if the events that followed the confession was not rushed. Other than this, one is left wanting to have a man like Cade in her life!


M.P. Ceja