His Tempting Governess: Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent #2


REGENCY/COMEDY:  Baldwin “Win” Summers, Earl of Cartwell, has a problem. After returning heroically from Waterloo, he has inherited his brother’s estate, pressure to marry, and become the guardian of his good friend’s eight-year-old daughter. The girl has wit and a collection of exotic pets that sends prospective governesses running, leaving Win with responsibilities beyond his experience. When Miss Isabella Swanson arrives, she instantly takes to Win’s charge and seems to be the answer to his problems. Except Miss Swanson has problems of her own, and while he wants to aid her, it would be inappropriate to consort with the governess — even if she does intrigue him with her knowledge of bugs, tendency to beat him at chess, and dance in the upstairs hall just because she can.  Luckily for Isabella and Win, the Earl has earned his nickname and he intends to live up to it. 

A delightful historical romance, “His Tempting Governess” features a strong hero, a determined heroine, a charming ward, and magical family portraits that seem to talk to the heroine. If that doesn’t intrigue, the passion between Win and Isabella and the trouble with her inheritance might. While the story has a predictable flow and ending, and Isabella’s troubles have a neat solution, the talking portraits are unique, and the conflict is straightforward, making this a light read with passion to enjoy but no major tangled plots. Essentially, this is a book fans of historical romance (regency romance in particular) will enjoy, and should be considered when readers look to add to their "to-read" lists.

Sarah E Bradley