His Tempting Bride (Brides of Paradise Ranch #5, Spicy Version)


Miriam Long steps off the train in Haskell, Wyoming and face to face with the man she was supposed to marry. It wouldn’t be a problem except she welshed on the deal and never got off the train as the mail-order bride a few months ago. Cody Montrose is a good-looking, hardworking cowboy. His pride took a wallop when Miriam ditched him before even giving him a chance and although he is still angry, he can’t take his eyes off the beautiful girl. Miriam’s days of running from her past and being a performer come to the end of the line in “His Tempting Bride”.


Romance readers can look forward to a cozy, fun read in “His Tempting Bride”. There’s a large cast of characters penned by Ms. Farmer with creative characteristics and she is able to introduce them in one scene without confusing the reader. An original plot set in the booming Victorian times of Wyoming offers a taste of the era when neighbors helped each other and strangers alike. There’s a second chance for the couple when Miriam’s troop of performers convince the small town to create a stage and have the townsfolk perform. Not only does Miriam realize she might like to put down roots in Haskell, but so do her fellow artists. 

As both hero and heroine come to terms with their future, a little action is penned into the tale and a great catalyst putting Cody and Miriam in a cabin with a storm brewing outside that gently helps a reconciliation of love. A truly enjoyable novel!

Sloane Austen