His Secret Bride (The Brides of Paradise Ranch, #8)


Bonnie Horner has a secret in her past she’d prefer to forget, but her circumstances demand she confront it and Rupert Cole - the man involved. In order to protect the girls in her care she’s willing to sacrifice everything, including her happiness. However, Rupert has never stopped loving her and he’ll do everything in his power to change the path she’s set herself on. The question isn’t whether they love each other; it’s whether their love is strong enough for compromise.

This vibrantly written western historical lassoes the heart and satisfies the mind! The story of a mail-order bride who ends up a madam and a hero who pulls himself from the gutter to become a successful businessman will have the reader glued to the pages as their heart-wrenching story unfolds. Be prepared for emotional overload - from the beginning, Bonnie and Rupert grab hold of the reader and refuse to let go. Hearts will ache as these two fumble and stumble their way through a tough past and tougher present, but blissful sighs of satisfaction abound in the end. The only blights on an otherwise spellbinding love story are Rupert’s steadfast mulish stubbornness that he takes far too long to cast off and a villain who sideswipes the caricature cart. However, the flaws are small. Don’t miss out on this fascinating tale of an unconventional couple finding love in the Wild West!

Carol Conley