His Pretend Duchess


Oliver is the Duke of Scarborough, who is of mixed heritage. He loved his father very much and wants to follow in his footsteps. Marjorie is the daughter of deceased Viscount Highmore, whose reputation is in tatters after her fiancé left her at the altar for scandalous reasons. Oliver needs a pretend fiancée to inherit land in his maternal grandmother’s name. Marjorie’s brother is gambling away all their money, and destroying the family name. After stumbling upon an ad for a Duke looking for a Duchess, Marjorie answers the ad hoping to save her reputation and that of her family. Neither Oliver nor Marjorie counted on falling in love.

“His Pretend Duchess” is a sweet historical romance describing how people of mixed heritage are treated during the Victorian era. The reader will enjoy watching a friendship develop easily and naturally between Oliver and Marjorie, and from there, it develops into so much more as they open up to one another. One will enjoy Oliver and Marjorie as a couple, and won’t be able to help rooting for them. Both are good people who want what is best for other people, and love helping those in need. The love between them is so real and believable. Sandra Sookoo describes the Victorian time very well, enabling the reader to clearly picture the scenery, and even how they dress. This is a beautiful historical romance that every lover of the genre needs to read!

Victoria Zumbrum