His Perfect Bride (The Brides of Paradise Ranch - Spicy Version #1)


In the town of Haskell, Wyoming, some busybodies get to talking. One of the locals owns a halfway house for poor and abused women back in Nashville, and his wife brings up the subject of mail-order brides to him. They believe their town holds men who will be able to help these women have a better life. The first victim is Franklin Haskell, son of the founder - a man crippled and nearly killed by an accident years ago. Corva Collier is going to have her hands full when she shows up at the train station.


By using a houseful of women who already have been poorly treated, but on their way to a better life, and one town they are all destined for, Ms. Farmer prevents her tale from being like so many others in the genre. The town’s character and good-hearted, rambunctious nature are well laid out before ever meeting Franklin and Corva. The group of busybodies will no doubt continue to delight readers for a long time. Though very typical of the time period, where one didn’t always blurt out what one thought, the plot-mover of misunderstandings and miscommunication between Franklin and Corva is vastly overused; multiple pages of negative thinking. There are plenty of good-ole bad guys who live in Haskell to pull them apart, having so much conflict based on their own behavior was a huge let down in such an otherwise marvelous story. Every character is a fully realized individual, setting up a depth rarely seen in a short historical, and with Franklin not being the only bachelor in town, future tales will only be all the richer for it. 


Julie York