His Misplaced Countess

Davida Ann

After being abandoned by her husband and subjected to his family’s cruelty, Caroline changes her last name. This leaves her on the street and at the mercy of old friends. In order to stay hidden, death is the only way. Five years ago, Phineas came home from war to learn of the death of his wife. He still mourns the wife he barely got to know, but now has a mistress he takes to a dress shop. One of the young women in the shop seems familiar, but that isn’t important—he wants her all the same. However, the young woman, named Caroline, rejects him at every turn. What secrets is she hiding and how can he win her heart?

“His Misplaced Countess” has so much happening to keep readers thoroughly entertained! Seriously. Multiple villains lurk and dangers abound. With so much happening, however, the plot twists get a bit overwhelming, and the ending resolution is a little rough. Though Caroline is a dress designer, she also draws erotic pictures on the side to make extra money, a twist which feels a little over the top. Caroline has had a heartbreaking life yet exhibits tremendous emotion and determination as she keeps pushing forward. The story’s greatest fault, perhaps, is that development goes out the window with Caroline’s attraction to Phineas. He is completely unlikable and shallow, and his ideas of women only involve them naked and in his bed. There is little depth to his character. Despite this lack of deeper emotions, there is no doubt about his passion. If readers are looking for a passionate story about lost love, this is it!

Amanda Hupe