His Lordship’s Incorrigible Wife (Perilous Secrets #2)


Delphie Ballard is importuned by an overeager suitor while she’s struggling to help her brother cover up her father’s treasonous letter. She manages to discourage him, but her reputation doesn’t survive it, and she’s banished to the country. Revolutionary supporter Charles, Lord Kingsdown, narrowly escaped the violence in France and must now make his permanent home in England. In order to inherit his grandmother’s estate, he must marry quickly. Luckily for him, he falls head over heels for Delphie at their first meeting. When Charles learns of Delphie’s tarnished reputation after the fact, he feels betrayed and she’s unable to disclose the full truth while concealing her father’s actions. When Charles has several brushes with death in rapid succession, he and Delphie must learn to trust each other and uncover a traitor before he succeeds.

Intrigue and secrets abound in this story and are sure to draw readers in from the very beginning. Delphie and Charles have some serious communication and trust issues which may be off-putting or wearing for some readers, but those who stay the course will be rewarded with a sweet romance between two characters who grow and develop as people. Delphie begins as naïve and immature, while Charles is jaded and overly suspicious. Despite the various factors working against them, these two managed to demonstrate a satisfying amount of growth. Though the villain is a bit predictable, the mystery and intrigue here serve to keep the reader involved in the story and to maintain an entertainingly fast pace. This story is a good fit for those who enjoy lots of drama and mystery in their romance.

Niki Price