His Highland Love (His Highland Heart #2)


Kenneth Brodie is a highlander, offered up by his clan to the Crown as a hostage. Exiled to St. Andrews, away from family and friends, he can’t believe it when he sees Mary Catherine Rose. She stole his heart a couple of years prior but her father, Laird Rose, had denied him permission to marry her. Catherine was heartbroken that Kenneth never came back for her, so she left her home desperate to escape an arranged marriage and vowed never to wed. Now here they are, far from home, with danger brewing among the clans. They are no longer safe and so together they set out for home. Despite their best efforts, they cannot help their feelings for one another, which have never changed. 

Author Willa Blair makes her readers feel as though they are in Scotland; she has beautiful descriptions and imagery! The characters are brave, fierce and dedicated. Kenneth goes back and forth about his feelings throughout the entire novel, which does get a little tedious. However, Catherine shines as the heroine. She is smart, caring and able to handle herself. The novel moves at an excellent pace even though the ending seems to wrap up quite quickly. There are also some decisions made by the characters that don't  make much sense and cause a little confusion. However, the love displayed in the book is fierce and romantic, a must read for those who want to be whisked away for a romantic adventure in Scotland!

Amanda Hupe