His Highland Heart (His Highland Heart series, Book 1)


Set in the Scottish Highlands of the early 15th Century, "His Highland Heart" takes off with a harrowing shipwreck that leaves Euan Brodie cast upon an enemy shore.  His crew is presumed drowned and he must find a way evade the Ross Clan and steal a boat to make his way home to Brodie.  Before Euan can escape, though, he sees a beautiful lass caught in the surf near where he is hiding.  He must decide: save the lass and risk discovery or let her drown.  Noble of heart, he pulls her from the waves, only to discover that Muireall Munro also longs for escape—and soon, before she is forcibly married to a Ross.  Together, they plan their escape, but can they overcome all the obstacles in their way? And if they escape, what then?  He’s a Brodie and she’s a Munro, clans on opposite sides of the Firth of Moray.

This wonderfully written tale of adventure has it all! Ms. Blair crafts her story with flair, and a love of her subject that takes us effortlessly back into the medieval Highlands.  Her descriptions of the landscape brings her readers to the seashore, tasting the salt on their tongues. Her carefully-developed characters speak a colorful dialect that draws the reader into the times without being confusing. The action, gripping from the outset, has plenty of twists to keep readers turning pages to see what happens next. Adventure, love, and a host of lively characters will have readers eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

Marc Joseph