His Highland Bride


Elizabeth Rose is the eldest daughter of three but has yet to marry. With the death of her mother and her father’s lack of a chatelaine, she has been forced to run the keep by herself, missing out on a proposal from a man she wished to wed. Her younger sisters are happily wed with children on the way, and Elizabeth feels trapped with no end in sight…until she is charged to care for the injured warrior, Cameron Sutherland. He is strong, handsome, witty, and kind, and after months of caring for him, she cannot help but fall in love. However, her father decides to marry a younger, awful bride, determined to get a male heir. While Elizabeth is more than happy to step aside, she is now stuck in her position until an heir is born, with no chance to wed and leave her responsibilities.

The tension between Elizabeth and Cameron is intense! They smolder with restrained emotions, but neither is willing to take the first step, fearing rejection. When Cameron makes his desire for Elizabeth known, sparks fly. The storyline is well developed, as are the characters. This is the third book in the series, and while a few details from the past seem confusing without having read the other books, the story itself stands alone beautifully. As the plot thickens, one cannot help but hold one’s breath and hope these two find a way to be together without neglecting both of their responsibilities. This is a very enjoyable and well-written book to satisfy any historical romance lover, especially one who enjoys forbidden love!

Dahlia Gosney