His Clandestine Bride


Isobel and Edmund clandestinely wed when they are very young, without witnesses. When Isobel informs her parents, they imprison her until she weds Sir Roger de Stanton against her will. Five years later, Isobel is a widow and Edmund has just ridden back into her life. He is on a quest from the king: he is to capture the outlaw, the Earl of Cannington. Edmund has a writ that authorizes him to search everywhere. Isobel is frightened he will find their son Will, who was conceived on their wedding night. She is terrified Edmond will take him away, as Will is his heir. Edmund is angry at Isobel because she broke their wedding vows by marrying Sir Roger, while Isobel is furious at Edmund because she thinks he never came for her at her parent’s castle. Will these two star-crossed lovers find their way back into one another’s arms?

“His Clandestine Bride” is an engaging novel with plot twists throughout which seize the reader’s attention. Within these pages is Edmund’s childhood story as well as Isobel’s, which explains why each of them is dysfunctional in their capacity for love. In the middle of the story, too much is stressed on the mundane while Edmund and his men are out searching for Cannington, which causes these scenes to drag. The conflict in the story is based too much on misunderstanding rather than characterization and circumstance. Both Edmund and Isobel are good people, but neither of them will listen long enough to get the full story. A masterfully written historical, the characters magically leap off the pages and come to life as Ms. Williams spins her tale.

Belinda Wilson